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19 July 2018

Thriller Thursday: Zoje Stage’s Baby Teeth

Zoje with Hanna’s UnderSlumberBumbleBeast at BookExpo 2018

Daddy loves Hanna. Hanna loves Daddy. Now, if only Hanna could just get rid of Mommy….

 When Suzette and Alex bring home baby Hanna, they are overjoyed to have their own little girl. Suzette longs to shower Hanna with the love and support that her own upbringing lacked. As the years pass, Hanna proves to be a troublesome child. Though she reads and writes at age seven, she refuses to speak, and her disruptive behavior has gotten her expelled from countless schools. Suzette has no choice but to homeschool her calamitous child, who lashes out against her rules and loving concerns.

 While Hanna tortures Suzette, she adores her Daddy—perhaps a little too much. Hanna wants nothing more than to spend her happily ever after with him, starting with erasing Mommy from the picture for good.

Suzette can sense her daughter’s jealousy and fears that Hanna’s cruelty will tear her marriage apart–and even threaten her life.

Gabra Zackman demonstrates her vocal range as she shifts between Hanna’s and Suzette’s perspective, performing each character with a comfort and ease that perfectly portrays the variety of emotions inherent in a mother-daughter relationship. Listen to the uneasiness and anguish that float throughout this chilling audiobook.

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