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07 June 2018

Thriller Thursday: Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: For Honor

The US is in danger, and only the Op-Center can save us!

During the climax of the Cold War in 1962, the Soviet Union sent missiles to Cuba which almost ignited World War III. Some of those missiles didn’t make their way to Cuba and several ships dispatched to a Soviet frontier with the remaining missiles. There, a silo was made near Alaska and it remained untouched and forgotten for over sixty years.

Iranian scientists go into talks with a Russian agent and his estranged father to direct the missiles to Tehran. An intel officer at the Op Center gets wind of the deal and tries to stop it. Now the government’s classified unit must decide if the data from an Iranian traitor is credible, while a lone Op Center agent travels to Havana to find a woman who might know the whereabouts of the silo. Reader Jeff Gurner’s calm yet captivating voice keeps listeners absorbed in the action of this exhilarating narrative experience. Listen to an excerpt of the excitement now!

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