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19 April 2018

Thriller Thursday: Spencer Kope’s Whispers of the Dead

Looking for your next bone-chilling, heart-stopping audiobook? Check out Spencer Kope’s Whispers of the Dead, a murder-mystery more terrifying than any you’ve heard before.

Magnus “Steps” Craig is an FBI tracker, and a good one at that. So when a series of bizarre murders start turning up in El Paso — like the pair of severed feet stored in a cooler, found in the house of a Federal Judge — Steps must find a way to get into the mind of the most cold-blooded killer he’s ever encountered.

Steps is one of an elite three-man Special Tracking Unit of the FBI, and enlisted for this case because his skills of finding and following trails are imperative to success. But there’s a secret to that success: a kind of synesthesia.

Steps’ synesthesia allows him to see what people have touched in a unique color, though he’s only divulged his secret to a few people – his father, the director of the FBI, and his partner, Special Agent Jimmy Donovan. When the Special Tracking Unit discovers another victim, this time with the feet left behind in an icebox, they call upon Steps to solve the case.

Narrator P.J Ochlan is every bit as creepy as he is thrilling, and his performance ensures that the story stays with you long after you’re done listening. Hear a clip below!

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