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05 July 2018

Thriller Thursday: Paul Doiron’s Stay Hidden

In Paul Doiron’s new audiobook thriller Stay Hidden, the ninth novel in the Mike Bowditch series, a supposed hunting accident becomes a dangerously complicated murder investigation.

When Bowditch hears that a deer hunter has accidentally shot and killed controversial writer Ariel Evans, he thinks the story ends there. However, when he arrives on remote Maquoit Island, the shooting becomes mysterious. The hunter claims he did not kill Evans, and after taking a lie detector test, he’s cleared of any wrongdoing.

Evans, who was writing a book about a Hollywood insider turned hermit on the island, arrives on the weekly ferry, further shaking the townspeople. She is alive and wants to get to the bottom of her perceived murder, even if it turns the killer on Bowditch. She must first get around a secret community, who Bowditch suspects is hiding the killer’s identity.

With Evans still alive, it’s up to Bowditch to find out who is dead…

Return narrator Henry Leyva perfectly articulates the plot’s twists and turns, keeping listeners on edge long after the story ends. Listen to an excerpt now! 

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