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09 August 2018

Thriller Thursday: Olen Steinhauer’s The Middleman

In a divided nation, only Special Agent Rachel Proulx can uncover the motives behind the madness in Olen Steinhauer’s new audiobook thriller, The Middleman.

One day in the summer of 2017, four hundred people suddenly disappear. They left their families, jobs, credit cards, and phones without any explanation. However, Agent Proulx has been following this left-wing group all year. Known as the Massive Brigade, they aim to implement change in America, no matter what the cost.

Without knowing whether this group is a political movement, a protest organization, or a terrorist group, Agent Proulx must intervene before their mysterious plan hatches. But what might that plan be? Proulx’s discovery startles the nation and the ramifications have a large effect on the FBI and US government.

Ari Fliakos’s versatile narration shifts between a FBI agent, a Massive Brigade convert, and a writer reporting on the events. Fliakos keeps listeners hooked from the first word until the astonishing end and handles the changing perspectives gracefully. Don’t be the one missing out, listen to an excerpt now!

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