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02 August 2018

Thriller Thursday: Michele Campbell’s She Was the Quiet One

January Lavoy in the studio while recording SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE.

In this ultimate tale of sibling rivalry, only one sister will live to tell her story.

When twin sisters Rose and Bel enroll in the distinguished Odell Academy, it seems like a life-changing opportunity. However, attending the boarding school has polarizing effects on the sisters, tearing their relationship apart. Bel is having a little too much fun attending Odell and falls into a crowd of wild rich kids who pressure her into hazing Rose, creating a rivalry between the two. Rose turns to her dorm mother, Sarah, for comfort and advice over the divergence from her sister, while Bel turns to her charismatic teacher, Heath, who happens to be Sarah’s husband. Sarah soon discovers she does not know Heath as well as she thought and speculates Heath is hiding something. 

January LaVoy’s narration ranges from steady to spine-chilling, capturing the eerie animosity, restlessness, and drama that builds throughout this audiobook. Listen to January’s captivating narration in a story filled with plenty of twists and turns. 

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