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16 August 2018

Thriller Thursday: Lisa Scottoline’s Feared

Rosato and DiNunzio are back for their sixth adventure in Lisa Scottoline’s new audio thriller, Feared.

The fearless female lawyers of DiNunzio and Rosato are appalled when three men sue them for hiring using reverse sexism. However, when one of their only male employees steps down in response to the accusation, they’re concerned for their reputation. Nick Machiavelli steps in to defend the plaintiffs and having already lost to Rosato and DiNunzio once, he is determined to claim revenge.

When a drastic series of events turns the discrimination dispute into a murder trial, Rosato and DiNunzio have so much more at stake: the case, their prestigious firm, and their reputations.

Narrator Kate Burton expertly channels Rosato and DiNunzio’s intense determination and their desire to defeat Machiavelli while seamlessly transitioning between the diverse cast of characters and plot lines. In the end, the listener is left with the fateful question: is it better to be loved, or feared? Listen to an audiobook excerpt below! 

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