Unabridged Access

28 June 2018

Thriller Thursday: Linda Greenlaw’s Bimini Twist


As one of her community’s most eligible bachelorettes, everyone expects Jane to accept an invitation to the town’s exclusive summer soiree. But the last thing Jane wants to be is the belle of the ball. Instead, she’s focused on her work as an insurance investigator and part-time deputy sheriff. She works hard and is good at her job—too good. Jane is so efficient in the war on drugs that she’s drawn too much attention to the situation’s severity, and the community worries that this problem will turn away summer tourists. Her supervisor asks her to take a break from her investigation and take on a missing person case. Bianca Chirlac was a young woman working a the Bar Harbor who disappeared, and Jane is determined to find out what happened to Bianca before it’s too late. Narrator Tavia Gilbert uses her dynamic voice to capture the angst and suspense that linger throughout this gripping audiobook. Start listening now!

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