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15 February 2018

Thriller Thursday: Kimberly Reid’s Prettyboy Must Die

Inspired by the #AlexFromTarget story comes Prettyboy Must Die, a new novel by Kimberly Reid.

Peter Smith is your average teenage boy: he’s cute, runs track, and pretty much stays under the radar. That is, of course, until one of his classmates snaps a pic of him at the track, posting it with the caption “See the Pretty Boy Run”, and it becomes clear that Peter Smith is not so average. As it turns out, he’s a CIA agent on a pity assignment after a massive screw-up, and his real name is Jake Morrow. Consider his cover blown. This assignment was supposed to be his moment of redemption, but with killers on the loose and fans dying for a glimpse of him, #Prettyboy might be #Deadboy pretty soon. Narrator Kevin R. Free brings life to this thriller and skillfully captures the voice of not only Peter Smith, but all those of Reid’s diverse cast of characters. Listen to an audiobook clip and hear for yourself!

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