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14 June 2018

Thriller Thursday: Jennifer Hillier’s Jar of Hearts

Even if you get away with a lie, how long can you live with it?

Nobody suspected that pharmaceutical executive and big shot Georgina Shaw was behind Angela Wong’s death. Certainly not Kaiser Brody, who was close with both girls back in high school. After all, Angela was the most popular girl in high school and Geo’s best friend. Now fourteen years later, Brody—now a Seattle PD detective —linked Calvin James to Angela’s death. James murdered at least three other women and interestingly enough, was Geo’s first love.

After Geo gets discovered, arrested, and sent to prison, more bodies that were killed in the same way as Angela turn up. The story behind that fateful night becomes further exposed, revealing the consequences of lies and the danger of karma.

Narrator January LaVoy perfectly depicts this thrilling audiobook’s intensity and keeps listeners engaged throughout this spine-chilling story.

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