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26 July 2018

Thriller Thursday: David Rosenfelt’s Rescued

Sophie enjoying a leisurely afternoon listening to RESCUED.

The stakes are higher than ever for Andy Carpenter’s next investigation.

Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter has no desire to accept more cases. His heart lies with his dog rescue organization, The Tara Foundation. However, when the driver of a truck carrying over seventy rescue dogs is killed, Andy intervenes. No murder investigation is easy, but Andy is really at a loss when he discovers that his wife Laurie’s old flame and former fiancé, Dave Kramer is the murder suspect.

Though the evidence suggests otherwise, Dave claims that the murder was in self-defense. To his own surprise, Andy believes Dave’s side of the story. As Andy tries to convince the jurors of his client’s innocence, he reveals a complex situation that may just lead to his toughest case yet. Andy balances this difficulty with caring for the dogs on the truck, many of whom stay at The Tara Foundation while awaiting their rescue.

With his signature measured voice and subtle humor, beloved series narrator Grover Gardner brings listeners inside of Andy’s internal conflict and investigation. Listen up fur a great mystery!

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