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11 October 2018

Thriller Thursday: David Hagberg’s Face Off

New York Times bestselling author David Hagberg continues his acclaimed Kirk McGarvey series with another compelling and timely thriller.

Kirk McGarvey is enjoying his lunch in the Eiffel Tower when terrorists attempt to bring down the Paris landmark. He springs into action to stop the attack, only to find there’s a much larger plot at stake. One that aims to force the incompetent US President out by pitting him against Russia.

But Putin himself is eager to avoid World War III. When a Russian nuclear weapon goes missing and is found heading to the US, Putin enlists McGarvey’s help in stopping it.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the outcome couldn’t be more unclear. Only McGarvey stands a chance of intervening before it’s too late, in a race against time across Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, and Washington, D.C.

Narrator Jeff Gurner’s powerful, steady voice balances the action and sense of urgency that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats in this thrilling audiobook.

Listen to an excerpt below!

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