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05 April 2018

Thriller Thursday: Christobel Kent’s The Day She Disappeared

From bestselling author of The Loving Husband comes The Day She Disappeared— a chilling new audiobook by Christobel Kent.

Best friends have always got your back, right?

That’s what Nat keeps telling herself after her best friend Beth disappears without a trace. Beth is a fly-by-night party girl, sure, and there’s a good chance that she’s run off with another man, but Nat has a feeling that there’s foul play involved. She’s so sure that proving it might just kill her.

Victor, one of Beth and Nat’s favorite bar patrons, also finds himself in an unwanted situation: he has fallen and ended up in the hospital. Like Nat, he isn’t buying the runaway Beth story. Slowly, as his hazy memories start to come back, Victor starts to remember something menacing…something important…something just out of reach…

In a race against time to find Beth, Nat begins trying to piece together the events and people of her life. She quickly learns that it’s not easy to discern who can and can’t be trusted, and suddenly she’s more confused than when she started. Their little town in the English countryside isn’t so innocent anymore…

Marisa Calin’s chilling and brutally unsettling narration will captivate listeners and keep them guessing until the very end. Listen to an excerpt below!

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