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21 June 2018

Thriller Thursday: B. A. Paris’s Bring Me Back

You can run, but the past will always catch up to find you.

Young couple Finn and Layla are returning from a romantic skiing trip in France when Finn pulls over to a secluded rest stop. When Finn returns to the car, Layla is nowhere to be found. A search takes place but Finn soon discovers he will never see Layla again. Or will he?

Ten years later, Finn and Layla’s sister Ellen are happily engaged when they receive a strange phone call that Layla has been spotted hiding in plain daylight. At the same time, Finn receives an email from someone claiming to be Layla, and relics from Layla’s past turn up outside of Ellen and Finn’s house. Is Layla still alive? If so, what does she want? Why is she contacting Finn and Ellen now?

Cathleen McCarron’s narration is the perfect balance between delicate and chilling, and narrator Kevin Hely captures all the raw emotion and utter regret that float throughout this gripping audiobook. Don’t miss out on listening to this summer hit! Hear an excerpt below!

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