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10 May 2018

Thriller Thursday: Araminta Hall’s Our Kind of Cruelty

Gillian Flynn, New York Times bestselling author of Gone Girl, calls Our Kind of Cruelty “one of the nastiest and most disturbing thrillers I’ve read in years.”

But this is a love story. Isn’t it?

Before he met Verity Metcalf, Mike Hayes lived a peaceful, albeit lonesome, life. His childhood was brutal, and it was one he had to fight his way out of. After he met V, though, his perspective shifted: V taught Mike about love, partnership, and respect. In return, Mike has dedicated his life to making her happy. He found the perfect job, bought the perfect home, and sculpted himself into the physical ideal of V’s perfect man. How could anyone turn Mike down?

It doesn’t matter that V hasn’t been returning his calls. Or emails. It doesn’t matter that she’s marrying someone else.

It’s a part of their secret game ‒ a twisted and seductive game V named the crave. Mike just needs to keep a close eye on V and he’ll surely see the signs. He’ll know exactly when to come to her rescue.

Narrator Nick Hendrix’s range is astounding! His calm and charming voice captures the heartache and intrigue of the story, while building tension and anxiety that depicts Mike and V’s depraved relationship. Listen to Mike describe the rules of the crave below!

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