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02 January 2017

A Very Superficial New Year

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Started listening to Andy Cohen’s Superficial audiobook today. Very funny.

Friday, December 30, 2016
Laughed out loud on the subway when Andy talked about accidentally and uncontrollably jumping into Justin Long’s arms only to find out Justin had just had hernia surgery. Oops.

Sunday, January 1, 2017
Spent the day thinking about what I have to do to be Andy Cohen? Maybe I’ll have to settle for just trying to make it into his next book…

Andy Cohen’s Superficial is a collection of entertaining, hilarious, and honest diary entries, covering everything from mundane trips to the vet with his dog, tinder dates, and episodes of Watch What Happens Live. Oh and small, uneventful evenings like Madonna’s 57th birthday party. Listeners will get plenty of Real Housewives drama—Bethenny blew up the New York housewives’ trip to Miami by showing incriminating photos of LuAnn’s fiancé, Tamra gets mad when she has to sit behind her nemesis from the Real Housewives of Orange County at one of Andy’s events. Celebrity drama is there too; we hear firsthand about Kelly Ripa’s co-host issues.

Written and read by Cohen, this latest audiobook gives listeners a backstage pass to Andy’s glamorous—albeit hectic and stressful—life. This balance between glamour and stress presents an interesting dichotomy for listeners. One minute you’re sitting there unbelievably jealous that Andy considers dinner with Sarah Jessica Parker a boring night and the next minute you’re nodding along in agreement as you relate to his constant battle to keep from puking every time he forces himself to work out at the gym! How does Andy manage to come off as relatable? He’s witty, and candid, self-deprecating and occasionally dramatic. But aren’t we all? Andy finds a sweet spot with Superficial. In between juggling his Bravo TV empire, book tour, and insanely busy social schedule, he also worries about the upcoming election, stresses about having to move, and then uses said stress as an excuse to turn dinners into “carb festivals.” This combination of “reality” TV and reality makes Andy Cohen’s Superficial a juicy, entertaining listen that still remains authentic.

Listen to Andy reading an excerpt of Superficial:

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