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08 January 2016

Staff Favorites – Rabia Chaudry’s Undisclosed Podcast

Are you in between audiobooks and looking for a great new listen? In our new series of Staff Favorites we’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts to listen to (when we’re not listening to the next big audiobook). This week, Macmillan Audio Marketing Director, Samantha, recommends  Undisclosed.

undisclosed-logoFor many people, podcasts are the gateway drug to audiobooks. For me, it was the opposite. I liked audiobooks, so I decided I’d give this podcast thing a try. And the podcast that converted me? Serial. Like the rest of the world, I was obsessed with Serial. I anxiously awaited every new episode, I talked about it with anyone who would listen, and I did endless Internet searches for more information. I also used it to convert my husband to the audio format. In the end, I still didn’t know what to believe about Adnan Syed’s case.

So, when a friend alerted me to Rabia Chaudry’s podcast, Undisclosed, I didn’t hesitate before jumping in. Those who listened to Serial will remember Rabia as a friend of Adnan’s family and the lawyer who brought his case to the host Sarah Koenig’s attention. Undisclosed is a podcast by three attorneys, including Rabia, who have been following Adnan’s case for years and in weekly episodes they examine it in greater detail. (Sometimes too much detail. I was feeling quite squeamish in the episode where they discussed the autopsy report in depth.)

Undisclosed brings up so many interesting facets of the case and frustrating aspects of the legal system. It goes way beyond Serial and continues to hold my attention week after week. They dig deep into the autopsy report (see above), Jay’s testimony, the timeline, and more. Thanks to Undisclosed, I’m once again that annoying person chatting up anyone with a slight interest in the case to tell them all the new things I’ve learned.

When I found out we would be publishing Rabia’s audiobook this fall, Adnan’s Story, I was thrilled. It’s clear that there’s still so much to uncover about Adnan, Hae Min Lee’s murder, and what happened January 13, 1999.

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