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09 March 2015

Spreading The Audiobook Love

Serial podcastAs an audiobook professional and enthusiast myself, I am constantly trying to get other people hooked on the format. It often takes one specific audiobook to convert them and the trick is finding what that title will be for each individual.

For my friends, it was Bossypants. I listened to the audiobook and could not stop talking about it. (Seriously, I was annoying). I knew my friends were Tina Fey fans and that they would like listening to her tell hilarious stories in her own voice. I lent the audiobook to just one friend first. She loved it! Now I had someone to back up my claims and the message spread quickly. Everyone wanted to borrow it and the reviews were all raves. Now this could have been an isolated phenomenon, but no… At least three of them went on to buy and listen to more audiobooks, and now they make audiobook suggestions to me.

An even tougher nut to crack has been my husband. He had no interest in audiobooks and claimed they put him to sleep. The audiobook that finally made him a listener turned out not to be an audiobook at all. It was Serial. With everyone around him listening to this blockbuster podcast, he had to find out what all the hype was about. He ended up listening to the first seven episodes in just two days. Slowly, I started to introduce the idea that listening to Serial was not unlike listening to an audiobook. I found him a nice narrative nonfiction, Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer, and he agreed to give it a go. After consuming much of the program on a flight to Memphis, he couldn’t stop spouting facts from the audiobook and agreed that maybe, just maybe, this format was for him after all.

How have you swayed people to the audiobook cause?

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  1. I am a librarian so I am always pushing audiobooks when people tell me things like I was making a quilt and didn’t have time to read I always say well you should try audiobooks you can read and sew at the same time. I have hooked about 10 people in the last year.

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