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29 July 2017

Sound Clip Saturday: The Map That Leads to You

From the first minute of J.P. Monninger’s latest novel, The Map That Leads to You, Monninger’s prose and Brittany Presley’s narration will intertwine to draw the listener into a deep sense of longing for European travel, coffee in Paris, and gazing up at the stars that dwell above the Seine. Before long, the smell of love will be in the air as the two lovers, Heather and Jack, lock eyes for the first time. The two lovers’ lives will be touched—futures changed by one another in a tale of love, journey, and self-discovery that will leave any listener’s heart yearning for the young love Monninger captures in this new novel. Brittany Presley’s narration only adds gas to the fire as she deftly sweeps the listener away to every corner of Europe along with our young lovers.

Listen to an excerpt of J. P. Monninger’s The Map That Leads to You audiobook,
read by Brittany Presley

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