Unabridged Access

15 March 2018

Revisit the beloved characters from John Hart’s The Last Child with his new audiobook The Hush.

Ten years ago, a series of events changed Johnny Merrimon’s quiet hometown life for good. He has tried his best to stay under the radar since then, but it’s nearly impossible to escape the spotlight when there are books being written about him and fans and groupies dying for a chance to meet him. After moving out to the wilderness past town, Johnny’s last tie to his old life is Jack—a friend from boyhood. They’re forever connected through the things they shared and those they lost.

Jack doesn’t believe Johnny is safe, and senses disquiet and unease in Johnny’s reclusive home. Though he refuses to speak of it Johnny is also aware of the danger that surrounds him; he is conscious of the abilities he possesses, and more importantly, the unspeakable fear that they ignite. Narrator Jeremy Bobb’s dramatic and bone-chilling delivery of the stunning story will stay with you long after you’re done listening. Listen to an excerpt of this unique secret world! 

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