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14 February 2018

New Release: Dead People Suck by Laurie Kilmartin

If grief and laughter aren’t two words you normally associate with one another, think again; Laurie Kilmartin, bestselling author of Sh*tty Mom and Emmy-nominated writer for CONAN Conan, will leave you dying with laughter in her new audiobook memoir, Dead People Suck. Kilmartin relives losing her father and retraces all of the parts of his passing that were so awful you have to… well…laugh.

Dead People Suck includes hilarious chapters such as “Bad News: Grief is Not a Calorie Burner” and “Reverse KonMari: When You Can’t Throw Away Your Dead Parents’ Crap.” With essays covering everything from hospice to cremation and “joining the dead dad club”. This audiobook gives a much-needed perspective and voice to topics that are often relegated to hushed tones and private conversations. More than just a memoir, Dead People Suck is also a resourceful guide to grief that is equal parts humor and heart, and is sure to provide every listener, grieving or not, with a hopeful outlook on one of life’s most challenging obstacles.

Laurie Kilmartin reading Dead People Suck for a live recording of the audiobook at The Stand in New York.

Kilmartin, is an alum of Last Comic Standing, recorded several chapters from Dead People Suck at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City. The live recording gives the audiobook new life—Kilmartin’s flawless comedic timing and the roaring laughter in the background brings the atmosphere of a comedy club right to your ear! Listen to a clip of the bonus live recording below!


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