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01 August 2017

New Release: Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

If you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to listen to hilarious horror stories of classroom politics, Laurie Gelman’s Class Mom is the audiobook for you!

Gelman narrates her own novel in this bitingly funny story of a reluctant class mom who spent much of her early adulthood as a groupie for rock bands. After having two children by two different musician fathers of unknown identity, Jen Dixon decided it was time to settle down and raise her family in her parents’ house. But sometimes life throws curveballs, and when a disgruntled customer calls her Customer Support line at Allstate, she meets her “first husband,” Ron. They have a son, Max, and Jen must become a mom all over again—only slightly later in life than she would’ve planned.

Listen as Laurie Gelman combines the warmth of a mother with the cynicism of a public school politician and balances the two to perfection in this audiobook excerpt from Class Mom:

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