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24 July 2017

Mystery Monday: Paul Doiron’s Knife Creek

In a journey that begins with a hunt to rid the Maine forests of feral swine, game warden Mike Bowditch is dragged deep into the reopening of a long forgotten cold case surrounding the accidental death of a young woman nearly four years ago. Author Paul Doiron’s prose will encapsulate the listener in the living, breathing Maine wilderness and the rural northeastern culture he lives in. Return narrator Henry Leyva, weaves the tale together with a suggestive tone that always seems to beg the listener to remember every detail of this sprawling mystery. Every snap of a twig under Mike Bowditch’s boot will draw the listener deeper into the forest and nearer to the edge of their seat as Mike Bowditch begins to question everything around him … even the people he once trusted. Listen to an audiobook excerpt of Knife Creek, read by Henry Leyva: 


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