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01 May 2016

My First Audiobook (and how it’s helping my TBR)

Our Winter Intern, Justine, on discovering the perks of listening while multitasking with her first audiobook.

The_Things_We_KeepBefore I began interning at Macmillan Audio, I had never listened to an audiobook before. I didn’t even like e-books. I liked the physical touch of hard copy book, the sense of accomplishment from turning the pages and highlighting my favorite passages along the way.

On my first day as an audio intern, I was given a copy of Sally Hepworth’s audiobook, The Things We Keep. I listened to the first CD while I worked that day, was immediately hooked, and quickly finished listening to the audiobook during my commute before the week was over. I had imagined droning, monotonous voices reading to me, but I quickly realized that I was very wrong. There was nothing lost by listening to an audiobook rather than reading a hard copy, it was simply a different experience. In fact, with my endless list of TBR’s, it made sense to listen to some books as a method of multitasking. All of a sudden, I was able to complete twice as many books as before—and the best part was that they were totally separate experiences from each other.

The Things We Keep was so much more than an audiobook; it was a performance. There were two narrators playing Anna and Eve primarily, but they also spoke in the voices of other characters as well. It was almost like watching a movie and constructing the appearances of the characters based on their voices. I’ve seen movies (visuals) and read books (text), but I had never really just heard a story that was produced with the same intentions as movies and print books. It was like umami, a new sense opened up in me that I had never before explored… and I loved it!

Start listening to Sally Hepworth’s The Things We Keep audiobook, read by Therese Plummer and Barrie Kreinik:

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