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03 June 2015

My First (And Second And Third…) Audiobook

Our Marketing Director Sam explains her path to audiobook obsession. The Thirteenth Tale

My mom would be surprised to know the large part she played in my love of audiobooks.

The first audiobook I can remember listening to was on a road trip with my mom from Florida to Chicago for my senior year of college. I bought The New Yorkers for us mostly because of the cover and because my mom loved New York and dogs. It helped pass the time but I wasn’t yet hooked on the format.

Fast forward a few years. I started working in audiobooks and listening to the titles we published. Then my mom died suddenly. My mom was an avid book reader and she always carried a list of books she wanted to read in case she found herself at a bookstore or the library. When I was home for the funeral I found her long list (and later other shorter lists stashed around the house) and decided I would take it over and read everything she had intended to read. This was no small feat as there were 57 books on there.

I eventually realized if I wanted to get through them in any sort of timely fashion I should tackle some in audio. The first one from the list I listened to was The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and read by Bianca Amato and Jill Tanner. I loved it. It had an interesting plot, British accents, and dual narrators to differentiate the characters. It was great. After that, I listened more and more and not just to audiobooks Macmillan Audio produced (though lots of those too!) or even just ones on my mom’s list. I listened to The Night Circus, The Paris Wife, Bossypants, Moonwalking with Einstein, and on and on.

I started listening to audiobooks on my walk to work and now I don’t like to leave home without one.

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