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08 May 2015

Moone Boy: On TV and On Audio

Are you familiar with Moone Boy? If not, you are definitely missing out. Moone Boy is the Irish sitcom written by Chris O’Dowd and Nick V. Murphy and starring Chris O’Dowd. It focuses on Martin Moone and his sarcastic imaginary friend played by O’Dowd. Together and with much hijinx, the two navigate life as a 12-year-old boy in a chaotic family. For insight into what makes this show so great, watch the trailer above.

It was announced back in October that the show will be coming to American in the form of a pilot on ABC. So hopefully there will be lots more Moone Boy TV goodness to come. In the meantime, though, let us tide you over with the Moone Boy audiobook, written and read by Chris O’Dowd and Nick V. Murphy. Listen to an excerpt here.

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