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01 June 2016

Why We #LoveAudiobooks

Heartshaped headphonesToday marks the first day of June and one of our favorite months of the year… Audiobook Month! We’re kicking off this month-long celebration of all things audiobooks with some of the reasons why we love audiobooks. Join the conversation and tell us why you #loveaudiobooks on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog so you won’t miss our great lineup of interviews, excerpts, and more!

Samantha: I love audiobooks because they keep me company on my runs, help me block out the crowds on the subway, and make annoying chores fun (almost). Plus, they allow me to sound smart at parties because I like to listen to nonfiction and so learn a lot about a variety of topics.

Abby: Yesterday, I ambled through a New York City park while listening to a remarkable range of British accents performed by Jim Dale, the narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks. As my phone buzzed to inform me how many steps I’d taken that day, I realized that audiobooks are good for my health. I’ve found audiobooks to be physically freeing; instead of sitting down in one spot with a book and forgetting to move for hours, I can listen to an audiobook while taking long walks, doing yoga, or meandering around Trader Joe’s. Some say that audiobooks let them get more reading done, but I find they let me get more other things done. The only awkward part is when my eyes fill with tears as I stand in front of the produce section.

Danielle: I was a longtime podcast listener, but never thought to try audiobooks until I started working in the audio department. From the day I downloaded that first audiobook (Louise Penny’s Still Life) I’ve been absolutely hooked, and plugged into one ever since. I love listening to audiobooks because they allow me to keep reading when I might otherwise not be able to, like when I’m training for my next marathon or taking my dog on a long walk through the park. Did I mention that listening to audiobooks has helped me fly through my to-be-read list and made me a master of the Goodreads Reading Challenge?

Brisa: Listening to audiobooks completely immerses me in the story and characters. Even riding a packed subway during rush hour is bearable when I can stay plugged in. I find myself listening in place of my once-favorite podcasts while I garden, cook, and do other chores around the house, making otherwise mundane tasks actually enjoyable.

Robert: I have loved being read to since I was a child—first by my mom before taking a nap or at bedtime, and later by teachers as the entire class put their heads on their desks. When I first started to listening to audiobooks, I was reminded of the pure joy I received from these activities, now I find audiobooks very cinematic. I can see the movie of the story as I make my long drive home, or as I walk around the neighborhood.

Alex: I have a long commute to work and suffer from terrible motion sickness. I used to try to read on the bus, not allowing myself to look out of the window and definitely not closing my eyes, but it mostly didn’t work out I would feel sick for the rest of the ride. Since I discovered audiobooks, I get to spend time that I thought I couldn’t have with my books. And there have been so many occasions where I’ve been so engrossed that I’ve continued listening after I’ve gotten home.

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