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02 February 2016

Staff Favorites – Judge John Hodgman podcast

Are you in between audiobooks and looking for a great new listen? In our series of Staff Favorites we’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts to listen to (when we’re not listening to the next big audiobook). This week, Marketing and Design Assistant Abby recommends Judge John Hodgman.

Judge John Hodgman podcast logoMy sister got a job halfway around the world and my only consolation was that she sent me her favorite episodes of the Judge John Hodgman podcast. But I don’t just love Judge John Hodgman because it’s a replacement for my sister—it’s brilliant. And funny. Just like my sister. Actually, though, it’s the only podcast I’ve listened to consistently for three years, because John Hodgman earnestly cares about the people who seek out judgment from his fake internet court.

You might recognize John Hodgman from the iconic early 2000’s Apple ad campaign in which he played the hopelessly uncool PC to Justin Long’s trendy Mac, but John Hodgman is more than just a comedian who’s good at playing a pedantic nerd: he’s also a pedantic nerd in real life! If you’ve ever wondered if a hot dog is a sandwich, look no further. Take a look at the podcast’s settled law or this list of episodes and prepare to be overruled.

When I heard that John Hodgman was reading the audiobook of Iterating Grace, a book of mysterious origins delivered to the doorsteps of the tech media elite, I was extremely excited. Rather than read an anonymous cultural satire myself, I’d prefer John Hodgman to read it to me instead. It’s 19 minutes long. If you listen to the excerpt here, you’ve already heard 1/19 of it and you should probably listen to the rest.

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