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06 January 2016

Hey! I Know That Voice – John Hodgman

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

If you’re plugged in* to the world of tech or an avid New York Times reader, you might have heard about a little work of satire by the name of Iterating Grace, which took Silicon Valley by storm in the summer of 2015. The book, which is written by the mysterious (and anonymous) Koons Crooks, began popping up on doorsteps and in mailboxes last June and was covered by many tech publications and websites, including Fusion and the Melville House blog, while the Farrar, Straus, and Giroux acquisition announcement was covered by Wired, Fortune, Re/code, and many other national and international publications.

In producing the audio edition for FSG, we at Macmillan Audio looked to the talented John Hodgman to provide narration for the quirky little tale. Hodgman is an author, actor, and humorist (you can listen to his Judge John Hodgman podcast here)… though, you might most recognize him for the work he did alongside Justin Long in the Apple Mac vs. PC ad series of the early 2000s—a super-cut of some of the best ads can be viewed in the YouTube video from user “EveryAppleAd” below.

While Iterating Grace clocks in at around 20 minutes of audio, the short-short story as read by Hodgman provides a good laugh for those with even the slightest technological leanings. Llamas are also involved (okay, they’re actually vicuñas, but the similarities are numerous), but I digress.

Listen to an excerpt of Koons Crooks’ Iterating Grace, read by John Hodgman:

*I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for the pun, but how was I supposed to pass up on an opportunity like that?! -DP

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