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15 November 2015

6 Gift Ideas for the Audiophile in Your Life

Thanksgiving is just days away, and holiday shopping mayhem is not far behind. To help give you a jump start on present procurement, we’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for the listeners on your list—PLUS some perfect audiobook pairings!

Bluetooth Headphones

Not only are bluetooth headphones hands-free, they’re wire-free, too! This means being able to listen while you work, without having to worry about those pesky cords getting tangled or in your way. What more could you ask for?!

Audiobook to pair with: Extreme Ownership

Frostbeard Studios' "Bookworm" candle on Etsy.

Frostbeard Studios’ “Bookworm” candle on Etsy.

Book-scented Candles

For any audiobook fan who’s found their lives lacking that beloved “eau-de-paperback” smell, Frostbeard Studios’ book-scented candles have you covered. From scents like “Old Books” and “Trashy Romance Novel” to “Winterfell” and “The Shire“, there’s sure to be a candle for every bookworm.

Audiobook to pair with: Carry On

Knitting Needles and Yarn

Another way to keep hands busy while listening—knitting supplies are a great gift for any crafter, and make for a cozy way to while away a blustery winter afternoon.

Tech-savvy Gloves

Fingers stay warm without having to sacrifice being able to navigate through the chapters of your latest digital audiobook on a smartphone (not to mention all of the other touchscreens you might encounter these days).

Zendoodle Coloring Books from St. Martin's Griffin.

Zendoodle Coloring Books from St. Martin’s Griffin.

Zendoodle Coloring Books

Coloring books have come back in a big way for the adult set, and offer the opportunity to give the gift of relaxation without having to spend the big bucks on a day at the spa (but you don’t just have to take our word for it). Coloring while listening has its own advantages, including the ability to help lower the heart-rate after a particularly thrilling scene in an audiobook! Two of our favorite collections are pictured here, “Inspiring Zendalas” and “Enchanting Gardens“.

Audiobook to pair with: American Blood

Book-shaped Plates (or Platters, Cups, and other Dishes)

Yes, you read that correctly, you can get that special someone in your life a full set of book-shaped dinnerware. These plates are ideal for snacking while listening to an audiobook, so as to achieve a more tactile reading experience (sans page turning).

Audiobook to pair with: The Art of Baking Blind

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