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20 June 2017

First Listen: Omar Robert Hamilton’s The City Always Wins

Omar Robert Hamilton’s debut novel The City Always Wins offers a story from the front line of a revolution. Taking listeners into the hearts and minds of the revolutionaries embroiled in the 2011 uprising in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, this audiobook captures the experience of the Egyptian revolution like no news report could. At times, it can be easy for an outsider to watch protests of a foreign despot on television; but what is it like to be on the streets with a bullhorn? What is it like to mourn dozens of compatriots at a time? Most importantly, what is it like to fail with the whole world watching? All of this and more is explored in Hamilton’s novel, guided by Peter Ganim’s chillingly somber voice. This beautifully lyrical novel is bound to touch any listener.

Listen to an excerpt of The City Always Wins audiobook, read by Peter Ganim:

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