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30 January 2016

Even the Dead Inside Your Head

The best audiobook pairings, which feature the perfect combination of author and narrator, can create a sum that’s greater than its already great parts.

One such example is Benjamin Black’s Quirke novels. With Even the Dead, we’re now on the seventh installment in the series and narrator John Keating is the voice of Irish pathologist Quirke. And that’s not just our opinion! John Schwartz of the New York Times Book Review sat in on the recording of Vengeance, an earlier Quirke audiobook, and wrote of the experience, “With his soft Irish accent, Keating seemed to be doing something beyond merely reading aloud—without showiness or bluster, he seemed to be sending the story directly into my head.” These are audiobook productions that will burrow into you and stay put.

In the latest audiobook, a suspicious death and a pregnant woman suddenly gone missing draw Quirke into a twisted string of events that lead to an old foe. Listen to an excerpt now:

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