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16 March 2015

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with John Keating’s Irish accent

iheartirishTomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and there are many possible ways to celebrate. That being said, it is a work day so our festivities will necessarily be of a tamer nature. But that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy it…because we have narrator John Keating’s voice to keep us happy and in the Irish spirit.  We’re not the only one to appreciate his special talents. Sitting in on an audiobook recording session, John Schwartz of The New York Times wrote, “With his soft Irish accent, Keating seemed to be doing something beyond merely reading aloud — without showiness or bluster, he seemed to be sending the story directly into my head.”

We could listen to Keating’s voice all day long. And tomorrow we just might. Keating narrates John Flanagan’s Ranger Apprentice series, Benjamin Black’s Quirke series, and, of course, Patrick Taylor’s Irish country series (among many, many other audiobooks).

We’ve pulled five completely random and out-of-context clips from Taylor’s audiobooks and shared them below just so everyone can revel in the delightfulness that is John Keating’s Irish accent. Enjoy!

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