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22 February 2019

Best Quotes from Isaac Mizrahi’s Memoir, I.M.

I.M. is a fashion memoir anyone can enjoy.

From the moment I started listening to I.M. by Isaac Mizrahi, I couldn’t stop.

It was wonderful to listen to on my morning commute, and I especially loved listening to it while shopping for clothes. I have almost no knowledge of the fashion industry, but I do love a witty, juicy memoir, and Mizrahi certainly delivers. As RuPaul states, “Isaac Mizrahi is a true Renaissance man. He can do it all! He’s managed to live several lives in one lifetime.” Mizrahi is not only a designer, but also an actor, writer, and talk show host, so his memoir has something for everyone. It’s also a compelling look into what it is like to grow up gay in a Syrian Jewish Orthodox Family.

The audiobook is read by Mizrahi himself, and it’s very satisfying to hear him tell the story of his life in his clear, matter-of-fact voice.

Here are some of the coolest quotes that stood out to me while listening:
“Mystery is the soul of style…not money.”
“Forget the pen, dress is so much mightier than the sword.”
“Feelings don’t lie. I don’t know what taught me that lesson, perhaps a lot of artists are born with an innate trust in their feelings.
“I’m not as sure about what I want as I am about what I don’t want.”
“Wit and nerve were the most important elements of style.”

There you have it! Now that you’ve been inspired by these incredible, hand-picked quotes, go ahead and pre-order the audiobook! And happy Friday!

-Cassidy Graham, Assistant to Publisher


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