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20 July 2017

B. A. Paris’s New Psychological Suspense Audiobook: The Breakdown

B. A. Paris follows up her debut best-seller, Behind Closed Doors, with this new chilling psychological suspense audiobook, The Breakdown. Georgia Maguire reprises her role as narrator and delivers her usual masterful performance – mixing a soft, sanguine tone in lighter moments with a rougher, more ominous one during points of great suspense. From the very first minute, the listener’s heart will pound as the mystery unfolds.

On a rainy night, Cass is driving home from a party down a winding road. She spots the tail lights of a parked car and inside, sees a woman who seems to be in no signs of distress. After trying to get her attention, Cass quickly gives up and drives home. The next morning, she finds out that the woman had been found dead and cannot seem to get the chilling event out of her mind. Cass begins to question her sanity – she is plagued with forgetfulness and faces paranoia. B. A. Paris takes the listener on a suspenseful journey that has drawn comparisons to The Girl on the Train. Listen to an excerpt of The Breakdown audiobook, read to you by Georgia Maguire:

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