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05 June 2015

Audiobook Month Lovin’

Heartshaped headphonesJune is Audiobook Month! And while we are all about the audio year round, we like to be especially vocal about our audiobook love during this time.

So we took a quick poll of the office and below are just a few of the many reasons Macmillan Audio staff are audiobook junkies.

We can’t help it! We love audiobooks because…

…they are like a movie in your head.

…even the busiest people get to read their favorite book ten times.

…now we finally know how to pronounce all those French/Spanish/other accent words.

…they actually make us want to clean the house.

…they are much better companions in the car than commercials and talk radio.

…we feel like a kid during story time again.

Tell us: Why do you love audiobooks?


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