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13 April 2016

A road with no mercy… John Hart’s Redemption Road

John Hart’s highly anticipated new novel, Redemption Road, is available May 3 as a digital download or unabridged audiobook CD: Audible, Audiobooks.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NOOK Audiobooks, iTunes, and IndieBound

With Redemption Road, John Hart delivers his most powerful story yet. In this tense, atmospheric audiobook, listeners are transported to a town on the brink. Listen in as a good cop walks free after thirteen years in prison, a troubled detective confronts her past, and residents are rocked by a string of disturbing murders.

As Harlan Coben describes it, Redemption Road is “big, bold, and impossible to put down.” We’ve paired the master storyteller with a master narrator, casting Scott Shepherd to read the Redemption Road audiobook. Shepherd, who most recently appeared in Bridge of Spies, brings his considerable acting chops to Hart’s exquisite writing and darky, twisty plot.

Listen to an excerpt of John Hart’s Redemption Road audiobook:

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