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22 March 2018

Thriller Thursday: Alice Feeny’s Sometimes I Lie

Before listening to the new hit release Sometimes I Lie, there are three things you should know about protagonist Amber Reynolds:

  1. She’s in a coma.
  2. Her husband doesn’t love her anymore.
  3. And sometimes, she lies.

Comped to thriller faves Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, Sometimes I Lie by debut author Alice Feeney grabs you from the opening line and takes the trope of the unreliable narrator and spins it on its head. We first meet Amber Reynolds when she is paralyzed and comatose in a hospital – she can hear everything going on around her, but she cannot move or speak. She can’t remember why she’s in the hospital or how she got there, but she does have a sneaking suspicion that her husband had something to do with it.

Amber’s narrative is split between three time periods – her paralyzed present, just before her accident, and a series of diary entries from her childhood twenty years ago – and the listener must fill in the blanks between the three to get to the bottom of her story. Can Amber’s memory be trusted after such a traumatic accident? Can she trust the people claiming to take care of her in recovery? And can something really be a lie if you believe it is the truth?

Beloved thriller narrator Stephanie Racine takes this twisted tale to a new level with her convincing performance that is sure to keep you hooked until the very last second. Racine’s reading oscillates from calm to calamitous and is highly skilled in building suspense and hysteria.

Don’t miss a chance to listen to this thrilling debut! Check out a clip below:

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