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01 September 2016

6 Things I Learned Listening to Spencer Kope’s Collecting the Dead

Mystery-lover Alex shares 6 things learned while listening to Spencer Kope’s Collecting the Dead audiobook. Collecting the Dead is available as an unabridged CD and digital download: Audiobooks.com, Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, NOOK audiobooks, IndieBound, Libro.fm

Collecting the DeadIf you love mystery books and television shows, this audiobook is one for your list. It is both a fantastic listen—P. J. Ochlan provides the perfect voice for Magnus “Steps” Craig: light and playful, but deeply solemn in Steps’ darker moments—and a crash course in everything someone who isn’t an FBI Tracker may not understand. That’s what made this a must-listen for me. As an avid murder-mystery lover, all of the explanations of tools and circumstances at the crime scenes or about the state of investigations in the US in general were essential.

Start with a description of a process that the author has actually developed in real life

Add a description that helps me visualize the inner workings of a sheriff’s office

A lesson on human reaction time given through geek-speak

Tack on a quick aside that you might believe is common sense but appreciate having explained to you all the same

Continue with an unfortunate truth that helps to humanize this country’s law enforcement

And close with an in-depth explanation of a process I thought I understood but clearly needed P.J. Ochlan reading to me in order to get the fuller picture (Caution: This clip is graphic)

Spencer Kope’s real-life knowledge, gained during his time as a crime analyst in a sheriff’s office, was easy to appreciate in Collecting the Dead as a mystery/thriller fan. Listening to this audiobook was like watching a new television show that was Bones and CSI combined, except with an excellent dosage of paranormal investigating. I did the listening equivalent of binging it by not talking to anyone at work, cleaning the house a couple of extra hours more than is normal, and not sleeping on my morning bus commute. And P. J. Ochlan’s narration made it so pleasant to listen to Steps that I didn’t really miss the extra hour of sleep I could have been getting on the bus… Don’t get me wrong, I still needed my coffee, but I wasn’t murderously unprepared to face the day.

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