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23 July 2015

50 Tedious, Boring, Monotonous, or Everyday Tasks You Don’t Realize are the Perfect Opportunities to Listen to an Audiobook

Are you always complaining about not having enough time to tackle your TBR list? Audiobooks are the perfect way to sneak in more time with your favorite books in ways that you might not expect.

  1. Commuting/Driving
  2. Cooking
  3. Showering/Bathing
  4. Reading (This one may seem a little silly at first, but think about how many of your favorite actors and comedians have written books. There’s Billy Crystal’s STILL FOOLIN’ ‘EM, David Duchovny’s HOLY COW, and Andy Cohen’s MOST TALKATIVE and THE ANDY COHEN DIARIES. Let’s not forget your favorite funny people and their memoirs: Tina Fey’s BOSSY PANTS, Mindy Kaling’s IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? (and her upcoming WHY NOT ME?), and Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE. Maybe you find it hard to listen and completely focus on a book, or maybe the book has some pictures you’d like to see; just listen and follow along and hit pause for laughter/tears.)
  5. Running/Walking
  6. Brushing your cat
  7. Sewing/Knitting
  8. Puzzle-making
  9. Packing
  10. Working
  11. Tuning out coworkers
  12. Folding towels
  13. Washing/putting away dishes
  14. Rolling quarters
  15. Practicing penmanship
  16. Mailing Christmas/Thank you cards
  17. Cleaning out your car
  18. In the waiting-room at your doctor’s office
  19. Filing
  20. Calendar organizing
  21. Grocery shopping
  22. Sitting at practices for children(s)’ sports teams
  23. Polishing silver
  24. Walking the dog
  25. Untangling jewelry
  26. Online shopping
  27. Paying bills online
  28. Repairing your bike
  29. Rollerblading
  30. Cleaning your deck
  31. Garage/attic cleaning
  32. Setting up for/running a garage sale
  33. Decorating for a party
  34. Updating computer/software
  35. Making your bed
  36. Gardening/re-potting plants
  37. Mowing your lawn
  38. Shoveling snow
  39. Laying on the beach
  40. Painting your nails
  41. Playing video games/puzzle-games
  42. During your lunch break
  43. Sorting mail
  44. On a plane/ train
  45. Ferry boat
  46. Painting/drawing
  47. House construction/carpentry
  48. Refinishing furniture/other up-cycling projects
  49. Community fairs
  50. Getting ready in the morning

What other tasks do you tackle while listening to audiobooks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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