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25 July 2017

New Release Tuesday: LoveMurder by Saul Black

Saul Black’s tough-guy prose combine perfectly with Christina Delaine’s hard-nosed narration in LoveMurder. Centered around Valerie Hart, the same detective from Black’s critically acclaimed debut, The Killing Lessons, LoveMurder takes the listener deep into the psyche of a sadistic killer. In this audiobook, Saul Black further cements his reputation as the Thomas Harris of the 21st century.

Valerie Heart must use her only asset, the beautiful and brilliant serial killer Katherine Glass, to catch a new killer on the loose. Delaine perfectly balances the gruff masculine voices and more delicate females ones with deft skill. Over and above the heart pounding suspense, Black has a powerful talent for humor in his dialogue. For fans of Silence of the Lambs, this is a can’t miss! Hear for yourself by listening to an audiobook excerpt of LoveMurder, read to you by Christina Delaine:

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