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30 March 2018

YA Friday: The Hazel Wood, Children of Blood and Bone, and Sky in the Deep

Do you love YA audiobooks? What about fantasy YA audiobooks? How about fantasy YA audiobooks about strong, powerful young women who are committed to fighting for the people they love?

If you’re still reading, then stick around for our roundup of three exciting new YA fantasy titles!

The Hazel Wood

To satisfy your fairy tale cravings, listen to The Hazel Wood, a new audiobook by debut author Melissa Albert. Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother seem to be cursed with bad luck, but when Alice’s grandmother, the famous author of twisted, cult-classic fairy tales, passes away on her estate—known as The Hazel Wood—everything goes from bad to really bad.

Next thing she knows, Alice’s mother is kidnapped by someone from Hinterland—the world of her grandmother’s fairy tales. Her mother disappears without a trace, but she does leave a warning: “Stay away from the Hazel Wood”. Will mother heed her mother’s warning and risk losing her forever? Or will she choose to enter Hinterland and risk losing her own life?

Narrator Rebecca Soler expertly captures Alice’s angst and desperation, and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat until the very last line. Listen to Soler as she records The Hazel Wood in the studio.

Children of Blood and Bone

Bahni Turpin in the studio while reading Children of Blood and Bone.

Entering the world of spells and magic, listen to Children of Blood and Bone from smash debut author Tomi Adeyemi, an audiobook set in the once magical land of Orïsha. Long ago everyone in Orïsha was a maji, human born with magical powers, but over time their population slowly began to decline. Magic disappeared forever the day that the monarchy declared war, and for years they’ve made sure that the descendants of maji have stayed below them.

Zélie Adebola is the daughter of one of the most powerful Reapers in maji history, and she will stop at nothing when the chance to restore magic presents itself. Though the road to bringing back magic is a long and dangerous one, the biggest obstacle Zélie faces is herself and the struggle to control her magic.

Bahni Turpin’s performance is authentic and compelling. You’ll will appreciate her carefully crafted narration and the ways in which she breathes life into Adeyemi’s diverse cast of characters.

Sky in the Deep

Publishing on April 24, 2018 is Sky in the Deep, an upcoming audiobook by Adrienne Young, set in the ancient world of the Vikings. Eelyn and her Aska clansmen were raised to be warriors with a purpose: to fight their rivals, the Riki clan, and fight to survive. Eelyn has never lost her focus on the battlefield – until one day, when she sees a ghost from her family’s past fighting on the battlefield, and she is shaken and captured.

In order to return home to her family, Eelyn must partner with some unlikely characters to unite the clans, or they all face the risk of death. Though torn for her love and loyalty to her clan, Eelyn must redefine what it means to be a warrior if she wants to save herself and those she loves.

Khristine Hvam narrates the epic and gripping audiobook, and her reading will put you through an emotional rollercoaster. Her voice keeps up with all the fast-paced action, while still retaining a  grace to match some of the more delicate tones. Hear a sneak peek for yourself!

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