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10 November 2015

Winter is Here! Favorite Scenes from The Lunar Chronicles

In honor of the release of the highly-anticipated conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles series, WINTER, Alex shares her favorite scenes from the audiobooks.


I LOVE The Lunar Chronicles. Marissa Meyer is a personal hero of mine. The whole premise of this story is part fairy-tale, part Sailor Moon, and part Firefly to equal the best examples of Sci-Fi/Fantasy girls’ potential for badassery. Rebecca Soler is a dedicated narrator for the series and her voice is just the right fit for Marissa’s awesome characters who trump their fairy-tale counterparts any day of the week.


Cinder is Meyer’s version of Cinderella. She lives with her wicked-step mother, her two step-sisters and her beloved and lovable android sidekick Iko in the future city of New Beijing. Cinder is a second-class citizen, and not just because of how she’s treated by her step-mom, but because she’s a cyborg. A mysterious illness plagues the population and cyborgs are used as test subjects to find a cure. It is this fact, and her reputation as the best mechanic in New Beijing, that throws Cinder into the path of studly Prince Kai. Cinder is torn between the truth about who she is, the person Kai believes her to be and the secrets of her past that she’s about to uncover.

My favorite scene:

For the second time, Kai asked Cinder to go to the ball with him and she’s turning him down. It’s a great, funny moment where you see how torn Cinder is between what she thinks that she can’t do and what she wants to do.


In this next installment, we meet Cinder again as she makes her attempts—with new comrade Captain Carswell Thorne—to escape from prison (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen now!) with the end goal of stopping Queen Levana in mind. Enter Scarlet, Meyer’s incarnation of Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlet Benoit is as tough-as-nails as her grandmother—who has gone missing. Left alone to run their farm and unable to get anyone to help her look for her grandmother, Scarlet meets Wolf, a mysterious street-fighter who may hold the key to finding her grandmother.

My favorite scene:

This is Scarlet’s first encounter with Wolf. Scarlet is a no-nonsense, independent, will-kick-your-ass-if-she-needs kind of gal and you can see that when she’s talking to Wolf for the first time. But you can also see him wheedle down her tough exterior.


In the third novel, Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf are on the run and plotting to overthrow Levana in order to prevent an Earth invasion. Their best hope lies with a young lunar hacker who has been stowed away on a satellite all of her life. Cress is Meyer’s incarnation of Rapunzel, the satellite is her tower and her captor is the right hand of Queen Levana. Rather than finding and turning over Cinder and Thorne’s whereabouts as she’s been instructed, she makes contact and they go to retrieve the hacker. Unfortunately, the rescue mission goes awry and the group splinters, leaving Cress with Captain Carswell Thorne—the man with whom she’s become infatuated in her course of keeping tabs on him.

My favorite scene:

Cress is an extremely sheltered and naïve young woman, having spent her life in near-solitude on a spacecraft. After the chaotic even that leaves her alone with Thorne, Cress is having a hard time coping. However, with a little imagination and the resilience that eventually makes her my favorite character, she pulls it together.


This is a short prequel that chronicles the tale of Queen Levana before we meet her as she is in Cinder. This is Meyer’s way of giving the evil queen of Snow White a backstory, revealing how she became so evil and twisted. In this tale, we watch as Levana, a bullied younger sister, goes through a solitary life misunderstanding all of her connections as many awkward teenagers do (though, most awkward teenagers do not have royal power and a sadistic older sister as an example to back their whims).

My favorite scene:

This one was hard to choose because, while Meyer does an excellent job of portraying Levana as a misguided teenage girl with some terrible experiences, she’s still pretty evil and is believable as later becoming the villain of the saga. I chose a scene in which she is acting with some decency (although it is clear that her motives are not completely altruistic) for the man with whom she’s fallen in love.


AND THIS IS THE END. The LAST installment in The Lunar Chronicles series is here! No synopsis here, you’ll just have to listen to the Winter audiobook (and, trust me, you really should).  But I will leave you with a great scene between Winter, Meyer’s incarnation of Snow White, and her childhood friend and palace guard, Jacin.

What are your favorite scenes from The Lunar Chronicles? Share them with us in the comments below!

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