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19 March 2016

The Magic of The Charm Bracelet

Viola Shipman’s The Charm Bracelet is available March 22, 2016 as a digital download or unabridged audiobook CD: AudibleAudiobooks.comAmazonBarnes & NobleNOOK AudiobooksiTunes, and IndieBound

Viola Shipman’s novel, The Charm Bracelet, is a heartwarming story of the importance of family and living with passion. For as long as she could remember, Lolly received a new charm from her mother on special occasions—from family vacations and school accomplishments, to Christmas and especially birthdays. Now that Lolly is seventy and beginning to forget the stories that make her charm bracelet so special, she knows it’s time to reconnect with the daughter and granddaughter whose busy lives leave little time for Lolly or her family stories.

This all changes when Arden and Lauren (said daughter and granddaughter) receive an unexpected phone call about Lolly, which prompts them to rush to her side. Reunited, Lolly begins one by one sharing the stories behind her cherished charms, and together the three women are brought closer to finding love, joy, and faith.

In The Charm Bracelet audiobook, narrator Andi Arndt’s spectacular performance gives life to these three unique women, perfectly capturing the breadth of their emotions throughout this compelling story.

Listen to an excerpt of Viola Shipman’s The Charm Bracelet audiobook:


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