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22 February 2018

Thriller Thursday: Ausma Zehanat Khan’s A Dangerous Crossing

In Ausma Zehanat Khan’s A Dangerous Crossing Inspector Esa Khattak and Sergeant Rachel Getty never expected the Syrian refugee crisis to become one of their most personal, pressing cases. That changes when Esa receives a call from one of his closest friends, an utterly distraught Nathan Clare who relays news about his sister, Audrey. She has gone missing from their base at an NGO in Greece while she was working to send Syrian refugees to Canada.

Upon arrival in Greece, Esa and Rachel are shocked not only to witness the effects of the raging war and refugee crisis, but also to learn that in addition to going missing, Audrey has been accused of a double murder: one involving a French Interpol agent and a Syrian refugee. Everything is complicated further when they meet Ali, a volunteer who is in the midst of investigating the disappearance of another girl, and prosecutor Sehr Ghilzai.

From Greece to the Turkish-Syrian border, through Europe and the Netherlands, Esa and Rachel stop at nothing to find Audrey, who they think may have been on her way to making a dangerous discovery regarding the war. Narrator Peter Ganim’s performance is captivating, and will have every listener covered in goosebumps long after the final track. Listen to an audiobook excerpt of the international mystery unfold:

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