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15 April 2015

Tax Day Relief With The Patriot Threat

Dun, dun, dun, dun. Today is the dreaded Tax Day. We hope you’ve filed your tax return by now. But just in case you’re feeling the Tax Day Blues, we have a little relief for you in the form of a sweepstakes!

Taxes take a starring role of sorts in New York Times bestseller Steve Berry’s latest The Patriot Threat. A confrontational meeting between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and former-Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon leaves behind a web of clues, which resurface in the present day in this new thriller. Berry’s dauntless protagonist, Cotton Malone, is called to find a writer who came across Mellon’s clues and used them to make a strong case that the Federal income tax may be illegal. When the book and its author become pawns in a deposed North Korean leader’s plan to return to glory, Malone and his organization, the Magellan Billet, race to Europe to stop the dangerous scheme and find out where the evidence from FDR and Andrew Mellon is hidden.

Read by Scott Brick, The Patriot Threat combines little-known historical fact with pulse-pounding fiction. In this special Writer’s Cut edition, Berry provides behind-the-scenes commentary that enlivens key scenes with insights into his research, his writing process and hero Cotton Malone’s backstory. Listen to an excerpt here.

Then enter to win a signed copy of the audiobook here! We can’t actually prove that taxes are illegal but we can make the day just a tiny bit better.

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