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20 October 2017

In the Studio with Cara Mentzel

Today, we’re in the studio for some Voice Lessons with Cara Mentzel and her sister, Idina Menzel.

In her new audiobook, Voice Lessons, Cara Mentzel tells her own story (with a little help from her big sister, Idina). Voice Lessons is the story of sisters—sisters with pigtails, sisters with boyfriends and broken hearts, sisters as mothers and aunts, sisters as teachers and ice-queens, and sisters as allies and confidantes.

As Cara puts it, “My big sister is Tony-Award-Winning, Gravity-Defying, Let-It-Go-Singing Idina Menzel who has received top billing on Broadway marquees, who has performed for Barbra Streisand and President Obama, at the Super Bowl and at the Academy Awards. The world knows her as ‘Idina Menzel’, but I call her ‘Dee’.”

While Idina may have spent most of her professional career behind a mic, Cara too is confident in a recording studio. Cara decided to not only write the sisters’ story, but to read it on her own. Her narration is open and candid, making listeners laugh one minute, and choke up the next. While she acknowledges the feelings of jealousy and resentment that came along with her sister’s fame, Cara underscores throughout the book that her bond with her sister remains unbroken and stronger than ever.

Cara and one of our producers while recording Voice Lessons.

Idina shows her support for Cara by narrating the prologue, where she makes it clear that Voice Lessons is her sister’s time to shine, “I wanted this to be Cara’s book. Cara’s perspective. I didn’t want to rob her of the purity of the accomplishment. I didn’t want to steal her light.”

On the final day of the recording, the sisters walked into the booth together to not only tell their story, but to sing it. Performing a duet of “Neverland” from one of their favorite musicals, Peter Pan, Cara and Idina nailed the song’s harmonization, then giggled hugged like only sisters can.

Check out the video of Cara and Idina recording the duet of “Neverland,” found on the Voice Lessons audiobook. Now available to buy wherever audiobooks are sold!

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