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27 October 2017

Spooky Sounds for All

Wherever you fall on the spectrum from sturdy to skittish, Macmillan Audio has Halloween audiobooks for you.

If you can sit through two hours of big-screen slashing without breaking a sweat…

We’ve got an audiobook for you.

If you can only watch The Sixth Sense through squinted eyes, or from the safe distance of another room…

We’ve got an audiobook for you.

Imagine, if you will, one of the greatest moments in television history, the moment when demigod Oprah Winfrey bestowed a fleet of Pontiacs upon a roomful of screaming fans.

Now imagine audiobooks.


For the Fantastically Fearless

You are as solid and impenetrable as Fort Knox. You’ve seen so many interchangeable bloodbaths that you’re getting a bit bored. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with an epic horror audiobook that’s as beautifully written as it is terrifying. The Scarlet Gospels is a New York Times bestselling classic from horror master Clive Barker. This thrilling audiobook reintroduces listeners to two of Barker’s most iconic characters as they engage in a battle of good and evil. Harry D’Amour, investigator of all supernatural, magical, and malevolent crimes, faces off against his archenemy, Pinhead, the priest of Hell. Bloody, chilling, and brilliantly complex, Barker fans and new listeners alike will find themselves pleasantly trapped within The Scarlet Gospels.

For the Average Adventurer

Some things scare you, other things don’t. For you, variety and pace matter more than blood and guts. Joe Ledger: Unstoppable is a gripping collection of short stories edited by New York Times bestselling Gore Guru Jonathan Maberry, and Hugo Award-nominee Bryan Thomas Schmidt. In this fast-paced audiobook thriller, every listener’s favorite snarky, dangerous, idealistic, relentless covert operative is back, and this time he’s brought friends. Buckle up for terrifying, graphic stories from the likes of Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, and Joe McKinney. A perfect mix of underground crime and modern horror, this audiobook anthology is not for the weak of heart — but it won’t give you a heart attack either.

For the Typically Timid

Your nerve center is wound tighter than a compressed spring, and taking the trash out after dark is cause for some serious perspiration. There’s no shame in being a bit of a weenie. For you, we’ve selected a gentler, humorous audiobook to get you in the Halloween spirit. First Grave on the Right is the first book in Darynda Jones’ beloved Charley Davidson series. In this quirky audiobook, listeners are introduced to Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper. Charley sees dead people, and it’s her job to convince them to ‘go into the light.’ But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances (i.e., murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad guys to justice. The winner of the 2012 Rita Award for Best First Book, First Grave on the Right will turn first-time listeners into diehard fans — just in time for 2018’s final installment, The Trouble With Twelfth Grave!

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