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13 June 2015

Sound Clip Saturday: The Precipice

In this riveting new novel from Edgar finalist Paul Doiron, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch joins a desperate search for two missing hikers as Maine wildlife officials deal with a frightening rash of coyote attacks. Hope turns to despair after two unidentified corpses are discovered-their bones picked clean by coyotes. Were they killed by the increasingly aggressive wild dogs? Bowditch has his doubts. His new girlfriend, wildlife biologist Stacey Stevens, insists the scavengers are being wrongly blamed. She believes a murderer may be hiding in the offbeat community of hikers, hippies, and woodsmen at the edge of the Hundred Mile Wilderness. When Stacey herself disappears along the Appalachian Trail, the hunt for answers becomes personal.

Listen to an excerpt of The Precipice read by Henry Leyva:


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