Thriller Thursday: Lisa Scottoline’s Feared

Rosato and DiNunzio are back for their sixth adventure in Lisa Scottoline’s new audio thriller, Feared.

The fearless female lawyers of DiNunzio and Rosato are appalled when three men sue them for hiring using reverse sexism. However, when one of their only male employees steps down in response to the accusation, they’re concerned for their reputation. Nick Machiavelli steps in to defend the plaintiffs and having already lost to Rosato and DiNunzio once, he is determined to claim revenge.

When a drastic series of events turns the discrimination dispute into a murder trial, Rosato and DiNunzio have so much more at stake: the case, their prestigious firm, and their reputations.

Narrator Kate Burton expertly channels Rosato and DiNunzio’s intense determination and their desire to defeat Machiavelli while seamlessly transitioning between the diverse cast of characters and plot lines. In the end, the listener is left with the fateful question: is it better to be loved, or feared? Listen to an audiobook excerpt below! 

Thriller Thursday: Olen Steinhauer’s The Middleman

In a divided nation, only Special Agent Rachel Proulx can uncover the motives behind the madness in Olen Steinhauer’s new audiobook thriller, The Middleman.

One day in the summer of 2017, four hundred people suddenly disappear. They left their families, jobs, credit cards, and phones without any explanation. However, Agent Proulx has been following this left-wing group all year. Known as the Massive Brigade, they aim to implement change in America, no matter what the cost.

Without knowing whether this group is a political movement, a protest organization, or a terrorist group, Agent Proulx must intervene before their mysterious plan hatches. But what might that plan be? Proulx’s discovery startles the nation and the ramifications have a large effect on the FBI and US government.

Ari Fliakos’s versatile narration shifts between a FBI agent, a Massive Brigade convert, and a writer reporting on the events. Fliakos keeps listeners hooked from the first word until the astonishing end and handles the changing perspectives gracefully. Don’t be the one missing out, listen to an excerpt now!

Thriller Thursday: Michele Campbell’s She Was the Quiet One

January Lavoy in the studio while recording SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE.

In this ultimate tale of sibling rivalry, only one sister will live to tell her story.

When twin sisters Rose and Bel enroll in the distinguished Odell Academy, it seems like a life-changing opportunity. However, attending the boarding school has polarizing effects on the sisters, tearing their relationship apart. Bel is having a little too much fun attending Odell and falls into a crowd of wild rich kids who pressure her into hazing Rose, creating a rivalry between the two. Rose turns to her dorm mother, Sarah, for comfort and advice over the divergence from her sister, while Bel turns to her charismatic teacher, Heath, who happens to be Sarah’s husband. Sarah soon discovers she does not know Heath as well as she thought and speculates Heath is hiding something. 

January LaVoy’s narration ranges from steady to spine-chilling, capturing the eerie animosity, restlessness, and drama that builds throughout this audiobook. Listen to January’s captivating narration in a story filled with plenty of twists and turns. 

Thriller Thursday: David Rosenfelt’s Rescued

Sophie enjoying a leisurely afternoon listening to RESCUED.

The stakes are higher than ever for Andy Carpenter’s next investigation.

Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter has no desire to accept more cases. His heart lies with his dog rescue organization, The Tara Foundation. However, when the driver of a truck carrying over seventy rescue dogs is killed, Andy intervenes. No murder investigation is easy, but Andy is really at a loss when he discovers that his wife Laurie’s old flame and former fiancé, Dave Kramer is the murder suspect.

Though the evidence suggests otherwise, Dave claims that the murder was in self-defense. To his own surprise, Andy believes Dave’s side of the story. As Andy tries to convince the jurors of his client’s innocence, he reveals a complex situation that may just lead to his toughest case yet. Andy balances this difficulty with caring for the dogs on the truck, many of whom stay at The Tara Foundation while awaiting their rescue.

With his signature measured voice and subtle humor, beloved series narrator Grover Gardner brings listeners inside of Andy’s internal conflict and investigation. Listen up fur a great mystery!

Thriller Thursday: Zoje Stage’s Baby Teeth

Zoje with Hanna’s UnderSlumberBumbleBeast at BookExpo 2018

Daddy loves Hanna. Hanna loves Daddy. Now, if only Hanna could just get rid of Mommy….

 When Suzette and Alex bring home baby Hanna, they are overjoyed to have their own little girl. Suzette longs to shower Hanna with the love and support that her own upbringing lacked. As the years pass, Hanna proves to be a troublesome child. Though she reads and writes at age seven, she refuses to speak, and her disruptive behavior has gotten her expelled from countless schools. Suzette has no choice but to homeschool her calamitous child, who lashes out against her rules and loving concerns.

 While Hanna tortures Suzette, she adores her Daddy—perhaps a little too much. Hanna wants nothing more than to spend her happily ever after with him, starting with erasing Mommy from the picture for good.

Suzette can sense her daughter’s jealousy and fears that Hanna’s cruelty will tear her marriage apart–and even threaten her life.

Gabra Zackman demonstrates her vocal range as she shifts between Hanna’s and Suzette’s perspective, performing each character with a comfort and ease that perfectly portrays the variety of emotions inherent in a mother-daughter relationship. Listen to the uneasiness and anguish that float throughout this chilling audiobook.

Thriller Thursday: Linda Castillo’s A Gathering of Secrets

A lethal fire illuminates the darkness of the Amish community in the tenth installment of Linda Castillo’s New York Times bestselling Kate Burkholder series.

When 17-year-old Emma Miller committed suicide, the Amish village of Painters Mill, Ohio thought the worst had happened. However, six months later, a historic barn burns down, killing 18-year-old community pillar Daniel Gingerich. Though the incident appears accidental, Chief of Police Burkholder suspects murder.

Through her investigation, Kate discovers that Daniel had a dark side. He was a sexual predator whose victims were mainly Amish women too afraid to come forward, and he had been getting away with it for far too long. Now someone has stopped him, but who? Kate tries to get more information, but her Amish community refuses to hear or speak evil. Was Daniel tied to Emma’s death? What other secrets did he have? The mystery forces Kate to face her own devastating experiences, reshaping her view of the Amish world and herself.

Narrator Kathleen McInerney‘s steady yet spellbinding voice delineates the twists and turns of this utterly chilling audiobook, keeping listeners engrossed until the very last word. Hear for yourself!

Thriller Thursday: Paul Doiron’s Stay Hidden

In Paul Doiron’s new audiobook thriller Stay Hidden, the ninth novel in the Mike Bowditch series, a supposed hunting accident becomes a dangerously complicated murder investigation.

When Bowditch hears that a deer hunter has accidentally shot and killed controversial writer Ariel Evans, he thinks the story ends there. However, when he arrives on remote Maquoit Island, the shooting becomes mysterious. The hunter claims he did not kill Evans, and after taking a lie detector test, he’s cleared of any wrongdoing.

Evans, who was writing a book about a Hollywood insider turned hermit on the island, arrives on the weekly ferry, further shaking the townspeople. She is alive and wants to get to the bottom of her perceived murder, even if it turns the killer on Bowditch. She must first get around a secret community, who Bowditch suspects is hiding the killer’s identity.

With Evans still alive, it’s up to Bowditch to find out who is dead…

Return narrator Henry Leyva perfectly articulates the plot’s twists and turns, keeping listeners on edge long after the story ends. Listen to an excerpt now! 

Thriller Thursday: Linda Greenlaw’s Bimini Twist


As one of her community’s most eligible bachelorettes, everyone expects Jane to accept an invitation to the town’s exclusive summer soiree. But the last thing Jane wants to be is the belle of the ball. Instead, she’s focused on her work as an insurance investigator and part-time deputy sheriff. She works hard and is good at her job—too good. Jane is so efficient in the war on drugs that she’s drawn too much attention to the situation’s severity, and the community worries that this problem will turn away summer tourists. Her supervisor asks her to take a break from her investigation and take on a missing person case. Bianca Chirlac was a young woman working a the Bar Harbor who disappeared, and Jane is determined to find out what happened to Bianca before it’s too late. Narrator Tavia Gilbert uses her dynamic voice to capture the angst and suspense that linger throughout this gripping audiobook. Start listening now!